World superflex readymade hospital equipment gaza

world superflex readymade hospital equipment gaza

In February shortly after the end of the Israeli military assault on Gaza (Operation Cast Lead), the WHO office for West Bank and Gaza commissioned a.
By Nikolaj Stobbe, 2015 - SUPERFLEX establishes a platform where a gesture is after being exhibited will be immediately transported to a hospital in Gaza. as a form of documentation or proof of the work's existence in the art world. Hospital Equipment is an artwork – having the concept of the ready-made in mind.
Art World Superflex's equipment at Al-Shifa hospital, Gaza. In what the three- man Danish collective Superflex calls a “ readymade.

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Hospital Equipment is an act of exchange. A World Health Organization resource. Engagement with art as a maker, seller, and collector also confers social value. Mirroring the fatal consequences of the Syrian conflict, Hospital Equipment presents the viewer with a similarly mortal situation - a life or death operation. The Manager of Al-Shifa Hospital greeted the donation by SUPERFLEX and the efforts of PalMed-Denmark and Dr.

It questions the object-based art collection, transgresses the concept of the white cube and expands the notion of the ready-made. That mostly involves filmmaking, art, writing, research, and the making thereof. WHO Health Systems and Services. Essential Medicines and Health Products Information Portal home. Hospital Equipment consists of an installation of operating theatre equipment and a photograph of the installation exhibited in the gallery.

Hospitals in Gaza suffer chronic shortages