Wiki great smog london

wiki great smog london

On Friday 5 December a thick yellow smog brought the capital to a standstill for four days and is estimated to have killed more than.
Change Title, add facts[edit]. For your information, I was eleven years old at the time, living in Surrey,UK, and remember it being called " smog ". — Preceding.
For five days in December the Great Smog smothered London, wreaking havoc and killing thousands....

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Smog of this intensity is often lethal to vulnerable people such as the elderly, the very young and those with respiratory problems. Description Nelson's Column during the Great Smog of The Big Smoke developed in London on Dec. Eliot , The Love Song of J. The fog will daily furnish a lot of raw material, which English ingenuity will soon cook into a soup. Mid-morning smog, as seen from the embankment at Blackfriars. A thick layer of fog that had covered London for three days was beginning to spread all over the country.
wiki great smog london