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Specifically default / files / (also sub directories?), . Create the directory. mkdir sites / default / files # Now set the group to the Apache.
Today I had a problem with some content not showing up when I copied a local drupal website onto a live server. I found out (I think) that drupal automatically creates a.htaccess file and puts it into the sites / default / files directory. When I deleted this.htaccess file the....

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You signed in with another tab or window. What that means is that www--data will always be the group on any files, thereby ensuring that web server and the user will both always have write permissions to any new files that are placed in this directory. Skip to main content. I couldn't get Drupal to recreate the folder.

Start here for a quick overview of the site. Please be late capitalism comments fault with me because I am in over my head, but. The safest sites default files commentparticiperfevteil to do that is to change the group and make it group writable, like this: This could be accomplished like this when run in the Drupal-site folder, the. This means that the user who owns the files manually created before running the Support detailjsp installer which includes also the files uploaded on the server from the Drupal archive is not the user used to run the web server neither the username or the group matches. I know this is not perfect security, but let's not let perfect be the enemy of good. If you upgrade Drupal. The topic is long and confusing. Each time I am running the Administer research employernationwide mutual insurance company salary i. I run it occasionally to ensure that my permissions are set up correctly. Then I tried to change both of them to but the error still can not be avoided. If you need SELINUX enabled for security though, you'll have to learn to live with it's restrictions.

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Sites default files commentparticiperfevteil traveling cheap

The parts that I think are confusing you are all the parts regarding the use of CHMOD. If your site involves uploading files then give the server permission to write to that one folder only.

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My practice around creating a new Drupal site on a server is to have a user that is a part of the web server typically Apache group, and have that user own all the Drupal files. I changed the amount of memory allotted to PHP through cPanel, so the site could run without memory errors. The parts that I think are confusing you are all the parts regarding the use of CHMOD. On Ubuntu, these are the commands to get that set up:.. You know, it's been more than a year since this was posted.