Second life sims

second life sims

A named 256 m x 256 m m²) area hosted by a single simulator process ( sim). In common usage, the term "simulator" or " sim " may also.
Simulator, which can mean either: Sim node (or sim host), the physical server machine simulating one or more regions. Sim processes, the.
The Chronicles of Lynnea ( is a Medieval high fantasy roleplay sim that is focused on community, helping others and giving a..

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The latest sim from the creators of West of The Rain, The Last Forever pays tribute to the beauty and unique environs that is Marfa, Texas. Each Second Life destination has a maturity rating of General,. Show all General destinations. People live, laugh, and love while crime, despair, and conflict brew just beneath the surface. Get to be a part... Looking for places to photograph? This large, whimsical, and eclectic Victorian steampunk community stretches over fifty regions in... For more information on region types, billing and payment, check out the Knowledge Base articles listed on the right.

second life sims

In Second Life, a grid refers to an integrated system that provides a networked collection of servers, some of which are simulators that implement the presentation of land. Venture around this Mystical realm, Mingle with Lycans, vampires, hybrids and humans. Those are arranged in the form of a rectangular mesh. Retrieved from " Explore this urban role-play sim based in the Colorado Rocky Mountains, located in an old mining town called Rocky Point.

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  • Second life sims
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Linden Lab runs several grids for internal and external testing. The beta test grid available to Residents for testing the Second Life server software before it's deployed to the main grid Agni. Skip to Wiki Navigation. For scripting LSL related articles, see Category:LSL Region. All current information about Grandfathered region pricing can be found in this Knowledge Base article. The primary Second Life grid to which users connect.. All grids other than Agni and Aditi are for internal development and are not accessible to the general public..

second life sims