News general assembly backgrounder middle east

news general assembly backgrounder middle east

General Assembly backgrounder: peacemaking and international issues. June 11, 2014 by Presbyterian News Service Leave a Comment Christians, part of the largest concentration of Christians in the Middle East, had been taken hostage.
The situation in the Middle East. Background · Documents · News Coverage · Related Links. Background. Various aspects of the situation in the Middle East.
From the Worldwide Faith News archives [PCUSANEWS] General Assembly backgrounder: Middle East peace and divestment..

News general assembly backgrounder middle east going

I grew up as a Presbyterian in North Georgia, and like many of those commenting here I believed the Palestinians were at fault in the Mideast conflict. However we, as Christians who follow the god of love and mercy, cannot support the government of Israel in the use of tactics and strategies that beat down the Palestinians. The state-building program, for example, will continue to rely on foreign financial and technical support in the near future. Why is there no call for boycott of Gaza products? It also asks that the Assembly. Tens of thousands of unaccompanied minors, mostly from Central America, are arriving in the United States illegally, adding severe stress to an immigration system already in need of major overhaul. Divestment and other strategies are a form of despair, and I pray that your great Church will not despair in these fraught times. Financial and Investment Management.
news general assembly backgrounder middle east

Even if Israel was a terrorist regime or dictatorship, it could easily obtain what those three companies provide through secondary channels. Palestinians, as part of the epolls president north carolina romney obama, will need to continue rooting out corruption, improving transparency, reducing dependence on foreign aid, strengthening rule of law, and combating militant groups. Those are the "peacemakers" the PCUSA is enabling. Contact Us RSS Twitter Instagram Facebook YouTube Tumblr Subscribe Donate. Maybe those subscribing to this are not necessarily anti-Semitic, but they are certainly idiots and ignoramuses when it comes to understanding history. Which countries have both Palestinians and Israelis in their parliament and which countries do not allow non-Muslims in their governments? Van Marter The Presbyterian Church U. Get off your spirtual throne and get real. One can Google "B. Improving security and economic conditions in Gaza will also be essential for regional stability.

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