Music groupie stories reddit

music groupie stories reddit

If you've ever done the groupie thing (slept with a musician just because they're Did you do it for the story, and do you find yourself telling it?.
After he played a song they exited side stage and ran back to Alejandro's dressing room. .. Finally a nice ending to one of these stories.
Over on Reddit, women are swapping stories about famous musicians they've supposedly slept with. Rather than just giving you the highlights..

Music groupie stories reddit going

The band practically killed him. We're aware of it, and we embrace it.

music groupie stories reddit

Tri Seoul: Music groupie stories reddit

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  • A friend of hers made Emily take her to a party with her one time so she could sleep with Percy Harvin. Redditor scaredoffangirls says she met the One Direction stud at a NYC cupcake shop of course and that they started flirting when she "tipped him off that the red velvet cupcakes were the best of the lot.
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