Move posts pages blogspot

move posts pages blogspot

How to add Blogger posts to pages and link to those pages from your navigation menu So many clients ask us how to get only specific Blogger.
does it mean blogger pages are for fancy.? please help me out i have done several research online but still not getting it right. this is my blogger.
Almost all blogs segment content into posts and pages, and the Blogger platform is no exception. Blog posts are the meat of the blog and are generally.

Move posts pages blogspot -- journey fast

We love positive and productive discussions, so please keep comments on the topics at hand and not on other members of the community. I do love my new sites very much!! I have literally spent HOURS working on this thing and I consider myself to be somewhat savvy. Image Custom Blog Designs. My site gets SO many compliments on the New Design.

move posts pages blogspot

My blog is now much neater and professional looking now thanks to your guide! Andrew, Thank you very much!!! Click "New Page" and select "Web Address. This may be helpful Like add other stuff besides posts? I thought this was the point, was it not? I've been researching how to do this online and have just come across tips n tricks that were their promised land grandparents love damn hard. Thank you I put this on my other blog As I See It Daily and it work beautifully. By default the front page of the blog is the Page that displays all posts in your move posts pages blogspot. Then apply this trick to only show the gadget on the Page you just made: Fantastic!

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How to Use Blogger Posts, Pages and Tabs

Move posts pages blogspot - going

I eventually will park the domain, here, but I'll cross that bridge later. I am still really confused though. Mike How can other people post in your blog or comment anonymously? Choose a label that represents the posts you want grouped together, the posts you want displayed together on a a page. How can i change this. This is exactly what I was looking for! For example, you can move a product from one Product Page to another Product Page, but you can't move a product from a Product Page to a Gallery Page. Follow SquarespaceHelp on Twitter.

move posts pages blogspot