Media general records schedulegs

media general records schedulegs

Not all individual records are covered by these General Records Schedules. Please contact your Records Management Liaison Officer for more information.
Overview of records retention schedules for state, city, county, and school records . General Records Retention Schedules. State agencies · State boards and.
General Schedules Retain until superseded by a revised retention schedule, or until record series is no longer maintained, then destroy. .. used to control the location, maintenance, and disposition of magnetic media in a tape library...

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Local Public Health Section schedule no. Code of Federal Regulations. See a complete list of all campus libraries. Formal opinions and informal opinions issued to state agencies with all pertinent materials attached thereto.

Retain in agency until no longer of administrative value, then transfer to state archives for their possible retention or destruction. The following table summarizes when agencies may apply an existing schedule to electronic records and when a new schedule is required: Note: The term administrative housekeeping records refers to records accumulated in connection with facilitative activities that all agencies carry out to support their missions and programs, such as personnel administration, procurement, and information security. Electronic files or automated "media general records schedulegs" created to monitor computer system usage including but not limited to log-in files, system usage files, data entry logs, and records of individual computer program usage. Tips for finding, accessing, and managing research materials. Tommy national pretzel freebies deals Records, Registered Mail, Insured Mail Logs, and Metered Records.

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Media general records schedulegs - flying

Contact librarians associated with specific departments, schools, and colleges. Retain until the end of biennium, then destroy. For more information about records retention as it pertains to schools, see the Minnesota Department of Education's FAQ Page. Timesheets, leave requests, etc. State Property Management Records Retention Schedule no.

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ELECTION PRESIDENTIELLE ARTICLE PIERRE LAURENT PREFERE TOUJOURS JEAN MELENCHON Electronic or textual records created to control or monitor individual access to a system and its data created for security purposes, including but not limited to user account records, security logs, and password files. Internal form used to obtain authorization for out-of-state travel media general records schedulegs a state employee. Electronic versions of temporary administrative housekeeping records covered by the GRS or an agency schedule, including records maintained on an agency web site and electronic records drawn from multiple temporary series. Employee Related Record Schedules. National Archives Operating Status.