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given at Munich University. Published in 1921 in Gesammelte Politische Schriften, Munich. Accessed at www2 lridener /DSS/ Weber / polvoc. html.
Wright University Press, ( lridener /dss/ Weber / polvoc.html). York: Oxford Weber, asbjorn.infoational Relations.
Max Weber's classic lecture “Politics as a Vocation” is available in Hans Gerth and C. and on the web at lridener /DSS/ Weber / polvoc.html..

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Today we do not take a stand on this question. According to thepresuppositions of Christian faith, this could and had to be thecase. Moreover, the Soviets havereinstituted the agents of the former Ochrana [Tsarist SecretPolice] as the main instrument of their state power. This is precisely themeaning of the gospel, if trivialities are not to result. The final result of political action often, no, evenregularly, stands in completely inadequate and often evenparadoxical relation to its original meaning. Thecaucus machine in the open country is almost completelyunprincipled if a strong leader exists who has the machineabsolutely in hand. It also holds for rather broad strata of our members ofparliament who are politically active only during sessions. This is the case not only because it facilitates thehorse-trading of the notables for placement on the ticket, butalso because in the future it will give organized interest groupsthe possibility of compelling parties to include their officialsin the list of candidates, thus creating an unpoliticalParliament in which genuine leadership finds no place.

All our parties have taken this courseof development and have become guilds of notables. From the sudden innercollapse of typical representatives of this mentality, we can seewhat inner weakness and impotence hides behind this boastful butentirely empty gesture. This specializationof ethics allowed for the Indian ethic's quite unbroken treatmentof politics by following politics' own laws and even radicallyenhancing this royal art. Considering all this, what then became of the professionalpoliticians in Jobs greenville Moreover, in its present form,proportional representation is a typical phenomenon of leaderlessdemocracy. This latentstruggle between expert officialdom and autocratic rule existedeverywhere.

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  • By the Sermon on the Mount, we mean the absolute ethic of thegospel, which is a more serious matter than those who are fond ofquoting these commandments today believe. In East Asia, it has been different.
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I know of cases inwhich natural leaders have been permanently paralyzed in theirascent to power, externally and above all internally, by thiscompulsion. This corresponds essentially to ordinary usage. The distastefulflavor of the word must not make us forget that not Cleon butPericles was the first to bear the name of demagogue. Some journalists--not all--believe in droppingprincipled anonymity. An electoral association had to be formed in everycity district to help keep the organization incessantly in motionand to bureaucratize everything rigidly. Of course, this had consequences forthe lord's position of power, which only rested upon a relationof personal faith and upon the fact that the legitimacy of hispossession of the fief and the social honor of the vassal werederived from the overlord. And lawyers, in our senseof an independent status group, also exist only in the have developed since the Middle Ages from the Fursprech of the formalistic Germanic legal procedure under the impact ofthe rationalization of the trial. All forms of patriarchal and patrimonialdomination, Sultanist despotism, and bureaucratic states belongto this latter type.