India blocks sites

india blocks sites

Thousands of websites are blocked in India. Surprisingly, most of them are genuine, legal and perfectly legitimate websites, like a file host or an.
New Delhi: The government of India has banned access to at least 857 websites it considers pornographic in a bid to “protect social decency”.
Over 200 websites banned in India and they include the famous The blocked websites are numbered to 472 with any leading websites in the...

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Does it mean I will be actually jailed if I viewed such content? His Interest on Technology and Social Media made him an Internet addict and finally a blogger. Some of them are also wary about how will these actions get reflected in terms hostility towards human rights, implications of these fines, profiteering stakeholders agendas, is it the government's first step to a long term plan "monitoring the whole world wide web" as China does.
india blocks sites

India blocks sites - going fast

India contributes to UN Peace Keeping Force in Cyprus: PM Narendra Modi. This VPN allows a web users to easily bypass the filters that Indian internet service providers run because it ensures that first a user connects to a computer outside India and then connects to the site that you are accessing. These court orders are issued against John Doe or in other words an unnamed entity that may indulge in piracy of the film. But this simple trick will open them all Email Author Thousands of websites are blocked in India. Also, websites and web links using HTTPS, which is more secure network between a user and the site, aren't affected because ISPs in India cannot yet block such URLs.

india blocks sites

India blocks sites -- flying fast

The author is alumni, IIT Roorkee and writes on politics, economy, policy. The order has caused a furore with many in the country accusing the government of moral policing and infringing on personal freedoms. Southeast Asian leaders wrestle over China at summit. DNA: Plastic toys can damage kids' nervous system, red... This Chinese all-girl 'boy' band is breaking all kinds of feminine stereotypes. According to SpicyIP , Bombay High Court recently asked internet service providers in India to not just block URLs but also explain to users why the URLs are blocked and possibly warn them of consequences of illegally accessing copyright work.

india blocks sites