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Similarly, it is informed to the Users and Authors that Vivlium Corporate, SL, once . Integrate digital content and learning assets into the Portal and its Apps .. Le portail est une plate-forme pour la diffusion de contenus d'apprentissage et.

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Vivlium respects the intellectual property rights of others and therefore we ask all Users who use our services and Internet sites to do the same. Vivlium will have the power to eliminate any content that does not comply with these rules for the benefit of all Users. Hereinafter Vivlium , with N.

Vivlium acts as an intermediary in the sale transaction between the Buyer User and the Author Author or owner of the channel where the sale is made, therefore Vivlium is neither the buyer nor the seller of the learning assets that the Author places on the Sale and will not be party to the sales contract, always being Author as a selling party in all sales. It may alamo rent seatac it without having to justify its decision. Notwithstanding the foregoing, Vivlium Corporate, SL shall not be responsible for possible fraud or fraud by Users with means of payment, in such a way that in those cases in which it is verified that the buyer has used fraudulent means of payment said sale Will be deducted from the final billing made with the Content Author, assets users jonathanlaportechum portail doctxt. Die korrekte Verwendung der Inhalte: Der Nutzer verpflichtet sich, die Inhalte mit Sorgfalt zu verwenden, richtig und rechtlich und insbesondere verpflichtet sich zu unterlassen:. In no case will you receive interest or other earnings from the accumulated funds. Attempt to access the email accounts of other Users or to restricted areas of Vivlium's computer systems or third parties and, if necessary, extract information. Integrar contenidos y activos digitales de aprendizaje en el Portal y sus Apps asumiendo la responsabilidad de election racist code words twitter titularidad de los mismos. Vivlium reserves the right to update, modify or delete the information contained in the Portal and its Apps. In the event of disputes in the sale of Vivlium Corporate, S. No obstante lo anterior, Vivlium Corporate, S. In case of integrating non-free content, as the Author of such content, you can set the selling prices of your assets freely, always within the price scales established by the Portal that will be available in asset management tools. Can not be appealed. Tanto Vivlium Corporate, S.

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The Authors will be solely responsible for the contents published by them, having to comply with all conditions of the Portal, as well as the specific ones that affect them, including the Editorial Guide for Authors. Recabar datos con finalidad publicitaria y de remitir publicidad de cualquier clase y comunicaciones con fines de venta u otras de naturaleza comercial sin que medie su previa solicitud o consentimiento. Observe the instructions: The User undertakes to diligently and faithfully observe any instructions given by the Portal, its Apps or by its Administrators regarding the use of it and its services. It is not allowed to comment on yourself repeatedly or flood of comments and opinions, you must let everyone participate. Registered Users can browse the Portal and access non-free learning assets.